CETC held a briefing on the special democratic life meeting of the leading group

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On November 8, CETC held a briefing on the special democratic life meeting of the leading group in Beijing. During the meeting, the relevant information of the special democratic life meeting of educational practice held by the leading group of the group company from October 31 to November 1 was informed.

The meeting was held in the form of video. All members of the leading group of the group company, chief engineer, chief economist, assistant to the general manager, deputy chief engineer, deputy chief economist, main principals of all departments of the headquarters, members of the leading group office for educational practice activities of the group company, all members of the headquarters and non Party cadres above the department level, leading group for educational practice activities of member units in Beijing and Office members, secretaries of the general Party branch (Branch) and staff representatives are in the main venue, and the leading group and office members of the educational practice activities of member units, secretaries of the general Party branch (Branch) and staff representatives are in the branch venue. Xiong Qunli, general manager and leader of education practice leading group, presided over the meeting, and Fu Rui, member of the 35th steering group of the Central Committee, attended the meeting for guidance.

At the meeting, fan Youshan, Secretary of the Party group and leader of the leading group for educational practice, briefed the leading group on the situation of democratic life meeting from three aspects of meeting preparation, holding and achievements. In terms of meeting preparation, fan Youshan pointed out that since the education practice activities were carried out by the Central Committee, the Party group of the group company has attached great importance to the implementation of the Central Committee's spirit, adopted the methods of "wave type" promotion and "using force to fight" while learning and listening to opinions, and made full preparations for the special democratic life meeting. During the activity, we deepened learning and education, constantly improved our ideological understanding, and laid a solid ideological foundation for a good life meeting. We insisted that leaders should take the lead and listen to opinions extensively. We made in-depth heart to heart talks and put problems on the table. According to the requirements of the Central Committee, we carefully wrote contrast inspection materials, faced problems directly, dug deep roots and touched the soul.

As for the holding of the special democratic life meeting, fan Youshan pointed out in the circular that, first, he comprehensively found out the outstanding problems in the "four styles" of the leading group and thoroughly found out the reasons. The team will send the full text of the check materials to the whole system. Second, we should thoroughly investigate and set out the outstanding problems in the "four styles" of the members of the group and dig deep into the ideological roots. The main leaders took the lead in setting an example, the members of the team checked one by one, focused on the "four winds" in the party constitution as a mirror, exposed their own "four winds" problems, dug deep into the ideological roots, dared to expose the ugly, did not avoid, did not cover up, and carried out profound self-criticism. Every comrades has found problems in more than 11 aspects, and has made a profound analysis from the aspects of ideals and beliefs, purpose awareness, party spirit cultivation, world outlook, outlook on life, values, power outlook, political achievements outlook, position outlook, etc. to find the crux and root cause from the depth of their thoughts. Third, we should criticize each other and see through our hearts. On the basis of self analysis, the members of the Group adhere to the principle, grasp the essence, directly put forward their opinions to each other, and do not shy away from shortcomings and deficiencies. On the principle of being highly responsible for the party, the cause and comrades, and on the principle of sincere help and promoting unity, they carry out mutual criticism, treat each other honestly, be kind to others, which is sharp, profound and realistic. Fourth, in view of the existing problems and the root causes of the problems in the "four winds" aspect of the group, through repeated research by the group, the rectification ideas of "problem orientation, root causes and root causes, leadership leading the way, acting on their own initiative, setting up, timely achieving results, establishing rules and regulations, solidifying achievements, final results, and judging by the masses" have been clarified, and 12 measures and 6 medium and long-term rectification measures have been put forward And put forward the detailed rectification road map. The team members also put forward the corresponding rectification contents and specific measures in combination with the personal problems of "four winds". Fifth, in order to further consolidate the achievements of educational practice and build a long-term mechanism for the construction of the party's style of work, the Party group put forward several opinions on adhering to the party's mass line and further strengthening the construction of the style of work (Draft for comments), which will be implemented throughout the system as the guiding document for the construction of the party's style in the next period.

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