Charge and discharge aging cabinet TG5000+ explosion-proof cabinet

Tg5000 is a charge discharge aging tester with high automation, friendly Chinese interface and high test accuracy. It can accurately test the overcharge protection voltage, charging cut-off current, overcharge protection

technical parameter


Range: 0-75v conventional precision: ± 2mV maximum precision can reach ± 1mV

Charging current

Range: 0-5A (10A-50A) conventional accuracy: ± 10mA maximum accuracy can reach ± 1mA

discharge current

Range: 0-10a (optional for 20A-60A) conventional accuracy: ± 10mA maximum accuracy can reach ± 1mA


Accuracy: ± 1 ‰

Power supply voltage


Instrument size

1150 * 780 * 2300 can be customized

Weight of whole machine

412kg (24 channels)

Scope of application

1-32 series power batteries are aging in charge and discharge, and the battery capacity and protection voltage of the protection plate can be detected

Product features:

1. The instrument chip adopts 32-bit arm main control chip, which greatly improves the execution speed compared with the traditional single-chip microcomputer, and can record the change state of battery voltage in real time and accurately.

2. Adopt the most mature and reliable TCP / IP protocol communication mode currently used. Based on this communication mode, there is almost no requirement for the number of test channels. It can control thousands of aging instruments to work at the same time, accurately ensure the real-time transmission of communication data, and meet the customer's remote control.

3. It can carry out aging cycle for all battery protection schemes on the market, and accurately detect the battery charging and discharging state.

4. It is equipped with USB interface, which can be used by the customer to connect the scanning gun. Through barcode scanning, the aging parameters before the battery can be accurately recalled.

5. With anti reverse connection function, voltage upper and lower limit protection and maximum current protection.

6. The user-friendly management software interface and MySQL based database management system greatly facilitate the staff to query and export data online. The query mode is based on conditions (equipment number / time period / battery number), and the export format is excel to view the aging curve of charge and discharge.

7. If the customer has high-power charge and discharge demand, parallel operation mode can be adopted.

Effect picture of computer connection test:

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