Bp8858 multi string power battery protection board tester

Bp8858 multi-functional protection board test system is mainly used to test whether the functional indicators of the power battery protection board are within the parameter range, so as to provide a set of test standards

1、 Basic instrument standard

1-1 scope of application

Bp8858 multi-functional protection board test system is mainly used to test whether the functional indicators of the power battery protection board are within the parameter range, so as to provide a set of test standards for the staff. It is mainly used for the test of the power battery protection board of the protection board manufacturer and the power battery manufacturer.

1-2 appearance requirements

The overall aluminum alloy case shall be free of damage, gap, mark and operation panel shall be flat without raised mark


1-3 structural dimension

The instrument has a volume of 400 * 400 * 200mm and a net weight of 15kg.

1-4 working environment

The working power supply requires AC220V input of mains power, power fluctuation range (170-260v), working environment temperature - 10 ° C

At 40 ° C, the working humidity is between 10% and 90%. The maximum power of 600W is only under the condition of testing large current.

1-5 operating environment

The instrument is required to be connected to a computer for use. The hardware configuration of the computer requires a general office computer. The system generally requires an XP system. The instrument and computer use an industrial standard 232 interface. The instrument can also be used offline, but the test results cannot be saved.

1-6 packaging specifications

The packing box is a b-tile two-layer thickness carton, the thickness of pearl cotton is 30mm, and the pearl surface is covered with upper and lower covers. If the instrument is shipped by land, the outer package shall be fully sealed with wooden board.

2、 Functional standards

2-1 function description

2-1-1 protection board basic protection function test

Overcharge protection voltage

Overcharge recovery voltage

Over discharge protection voltage

Over discharge recovery voltage

Overcurrent protection (overcharge protection current, over discharge protection current)

Short guarantee performance test

Over temperature protection of charge and discharge

Total self consumption current of protection board

Single self consumption current

Over charging, over discharging and over current protection delay time


Overcharge protection voltage

The maximum delay time of overcharge protection is 10s, and the delay time of protection board is generally no more than 10s. If it is out of the range, the instrument parameters can be modified to 60s. Of course, the larger the data is, the longer the test time is. In the precision test, the test instrument adopts the way of gradually increasing the voltage. The voltage step is a fixed value of 5mv, and the step time is the set overcharge time, in order to better simulate the battery characteristics, The step time is set for a long time, so the test time is relatively long. If the step time is set for a small time, some test boards have very soft anti ripple ability, which will mistakenly treat the voltage as ripple. Therefore, in order to test the accuracy, it is recommended to set a long time step


Charging recovery voltage

During the test of overcharge recovery, the test instrument fully simulates the recovery characteristics of the charger after normal charging and charging protection. That is to say, a precondition must be set during the test of charging recovery voltage, i.e. disconnect the charger and disconnect the charger continuously. If the charger is disconnected continuously, it can also test the charging recovery, which means that the circuit board recovers as the charger is not disconnected, If you need to disconnect the charger to test the recovery, it means that once the circuit board is protected, if you continue to disconnect the charger, you will not charge the battery again


Over discharge protection voltage

The step voltage and time are similar to the overcharge protection voltage


Overdischarge recovery voltage

When the test instrument tests the over discharge recovery, it fully simulates the recovery characteristics of the protection plate under the condition of disconnected load and continuous load. The protection plate is marked with the recovery voltage value, but it does not indicate whether it is the disconnected load. If it can be recovered under the condition of continuous load, it is very terrible. The consequences will damage the battery. Generally, the recovery voltage under the condition of continuous load must be tested


Over discharge current

When testing the over discharge current, adopt the current step-by-step increasing mode, step-by-step current is 0.5A, wait until the protection board is protected, remove the load, and judge whether it can recover normally


Short circuit protection

The biggest difference between short-circuit protection and over-current protection is that the instantaneous current is very large. At present, only our products have this function


Single power consumption

It is easy to observe the current consumption of each cell through multiple series comparison


Total self consumption

Mainly test the current flowing at the total b-position

2-1-2 equalizing function test (equalizing opening voltage and equalizing current).

2-1-3 types of testable protection plates (lithium iron phosphate ternary lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide vanadium titanium battery protection plates)

2-1-4 infrared scanning (barcode scanning) scans the ID number of each protection board

2-2 basic configuration

2-2-1 high current module

The current level is 60A, 120a, 180A, 300A, and the current accuracy is 0.1A

2-2-2 voltage module

Voltage range 0-5V, programmable output 0-5V, voltage accuracy 1mV.

2-2-3 short circuit module

Super capacitor, fully simulate the pack battery voltage, short circuit the protection board instantly, accurately capture the short circuit time and current.

2-2-4 industrial control 232 interface standard of communication module is used for operation control of computer and instrument host.

SMBus Interface standard is used to test the scheme of software board protection board (BQ 779100 oz8920 8900).

2-3 specific parameters

2-3-1 series number (1-24 Series)

2-3-2 overcharge protection 0 ----- 5V ± 1mV

2-3-3 overcharge protection release 0 ----- 5V ± 1mV

2-3-4 over discharge protection 0 ----- 5V ± 1mV

2-3-5 over discharge protection release 0 ----- 5V ± 1mV

2-3-6 overcurrent protection value 1a-120a ± 0.1 (continuous long-term discharge)

2-3-7. Overcharge protection value 1a-50a ± 0.1A

2-3-8 overcurrent protection delay 0-10s ± 1ms

2-3-9 short circuit protection 40

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