Automatic spot welder on both sides of TGD lithium battery

Function: the automatic spot welding machine of lithium battery pack is suitable for 1865026650 cylinder and other double-sided electric cells with certain specification range. It can realize series and parallel welding

Technical parameters:

1. X axis travel 420mm

2. Y-axis stroke 210mm

3. X-axis pulse and stroke conversion coefficient

One pulse stroke of motor rotation is 0.0025mm

4. Y-axis pulse and stroke conversion coefficient

One pulse stroke of motor rotation is 0.0025mm

Overall parameters:

1. Equipment power supply: single phase ~ 220V ± 10% / 50Hz ± 10%;

2. Equipment current: 15A;

3. Equipment power: 2500W;

4. Access gas pipe: Φ 8mm (outer diameter) × Φ 6mm (inner diameter);

5. Equipment air pressure: dry air source above 0.4-0.6mpa;

6. Equipment exhaust volume: 0.110l/s;

7. Equipment weight: 300kg;

8. External dimension: 864mm (W) × 1264mm (d) × 1700mm (H);

9. Use environment:

1) . please avoid using this equipment in places with high temperature, high humidity, vibration or impact, metal powder and welding spatter, and pay attention to the control of ambient temperature around the equipment;

2) . equipment must be grounded and separated from personnel grounding;

10. Service life of equipment: more than 5 years.

Equipment features:

1. The device itself has 100 groups of formula storage, and can communicate with PC to read, write and save the formula;

2. A new concept of graphic intelligent management system makes the whole production process of battery pack complete in a relaxed and pleasant way;

3. The equipment can support 18650 and 26650 electric core spot welding and other electric cores with certain specification on both sides;

The equipment supports convex spot welding and needle spot welding;

4. The equipment supports single side spot welding of the electric core and simultaneous spot welding of both sides of the positive and negative poles of the electric core;

5. In the process of automatic spot welding, the number of spot welding points and the distance between them can be set;

6. The equipment has the function of manual spot welding and positioning;

7. The equipment has the function of automatically detecting whether the tooling is in place;

8. LED full angle illumination function.

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