Bp8855 1-4 series protection board tester (without equalization)

Bp8855 is a 1-4 series protection board tester 30A. It can test miner's lamp and lithium iron phosphate battery protection plate. High degree of automation, friendly Chinese interface, large screen (5.7 inches), blue

1. It has 12 performances of testing overcharge, overcharge recovery, overdischarge, overdischarge recovery, overcurrent, internal resistance, self consumption, short circuit protection, overcharge protection time, overcurrent protection time and overdischarge protection time.

2. Fast test speed and high test accuracy. Quickly test a board for about 4 seconds.

3. It is equipped with powerful peripheral software. Through the industrial control standard 232 interface, it can collect instrument data, save data and print data at any time, so that you can use it with or without computer connection.

4. One year warranty.

Parameter accuracy:

Overcharge test voltage range 3.46v ------- 4.50v + 10mV / step

Over discharge test voltage range 3.20v-1.70v + 10mV / step

Overcurrent test current range 0.0a-30.0a + 100mA / step

Overcharge error ± 1mV

Overcurrent error ± 0.1A

Over discharge error ± 1mV

Internal resistance error ± 2m Ω

Self consumption error ± 0.1ua

Overcharge protection delay error ± 0.1 ms

Delay error of over discharge protection ± 0.1 ms

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