New tg6000 power battery finished product testing equipment

Model: tg6000 Product Name: power battery finished product testing equipment 84v10a charging 60A

2、 Function introduction:

The function of the test instrument is divided into two parts: battery production test mode and calibration mode. Therefore, the equipment can be used as electronic load and comprehensive test instrument.

The specific test items are: test battery open circuit voltage, battery AC internal resistance, continuous charging current, continuous charging voltage, continuous discharging current, continuous discharging voltage, charging overcurrent protection current, discharging overcurrent protection current, short circuit protection time, overcurrent delay time, voltage after test. The device uses the infrared scanning gun barcode input (SN) to start the test or detects the voltage to start the test automatically.

Scope of application: for lithium-ion batteries equipped with (CH + P + ch-p -), all series of power batteries.

3、 Test items

1. Voltage: the test instrument tests the voltage twice, one is no-load voltage, and the other is the voltage after all items are tested, especially after short-term protection, to ensure whether the battery is normal after short-term protection. Therefore, the two voltages are slightly different, and the secondary voltage is smaller than the primary voltage.

2. Internal resistance: test the internal resistance of the battery at 1000Hz,

3. Charging overcurrent protection current: first, confirm whether the battery has the automatic protection function after the charging current is too large. If the charging current is large, the battery does not have the protection function, and it is easy to burn the protection circuit board in the battery. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure whether the battery has the charging overcurrent protection current function. If not, choose the continuous charging current.

4. Continuous charging current: for the circuit board without the automatic protection function of charging current being too large, such a battery generally chooses the same current value as the charger when charging.

5. Discharge overcurrent protection current: when the discharge current exceeds a certain value, it will be automatically protected. Generally, it can be set according to the specification parameters.

6. Continuous discharge current: refers to the discharge current of the battery in normal use. If there is a problem with the circuit board, it will not discharge continuously.

7. Short circuit protection time: when the positive and negative poles of the battery are short circuited instantaneously, the protection board turns off the reaction time. Because the short circuit instantaneous current is very large, if the reaction time is too slow, it is easy to cause the circuit board to burn out, so the faster the time is, the better the battery protection will be, generally under 1000US. If the internal resistance value of the whole circuit is too large during short circuit, the phenomenon of too long short circuit time will appear. Therefore, when the short circuit is too large, it is necessary to pay attention to the analysis of the cause.

4、 . technical parameters

Voltage range (0-84v) accuracy 1mV (customized if customers have higher demand for voltage)

Internal resistance range (0-2000 milliohm) accuracy 0.01 milliohm

Charging current (0-10a) or (0-30a) accuracy 0.1A

The discharge current (0-60a) is at the highest voltage, the continuous discharge current is 60A, and the accuracy is 0.1A (if the customer has higher current demand, it can be customized)

Short circuit time (0-2000us) accuracy 1US

The instrument has a volume of 86 * 67 * 92cm and a weight of 150 kg.

5、 Standard accessories

One tg6000 host, one power line and one serial port line

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