Tg3000 power battery tester

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Battery tester is mainly used to detect over-current, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, charging, discharge temperature, battery cycle life, and give the curve.

Battery tester, mainly used to detect current, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, battery cycle life, and give the curve. The battery tester has multiple channels to choose from. It can start and control at one point, and test different types of batteries (Ni MH, Ni Cd, Li battery, etc.) at the same time. The battery tester can be divided into battery cell tester, finished battery tester, mobile phone battery tester, notebook battery tester, mobile DVD battery tester and battery tester according to the battery shape and finished product classification after battery assembly. The tester can test the comprehensive performance of lithium-ion battery, nickel hydrogen battery, polymer battery and common dry battery Batteries, lead-acid batteries and other types of batteries. Full Chinese operation and display; with complete testing functions, fast testing speed, high precision, full-automatic testing, precise display of specific values and other features It is widely used in the experimental research and production detection of all kinds of batteries.

Tg3000 produced by Shenzhen Tiger Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a multi section power battery tester with high automation, friendly Chinese interface, fast test speed and high test accuracy. It can test battery voltage, over discharge current, charging current, internal resistance, identification resistance, short circuit protection, capacity test performance; it can test ordinary dry battery, NiMH battery, lithium electronic battery, polymer battery.

Tg3000 power battery tester

Functions: overcharge, overcurrent, internal resistance, identification resistance, code reading, short circuit protection, capacity

Application: suitable for testing common dry battery, NiMH battery, lithium electronic battery and polymer battery.

Technical parameters:

Battery voltage range: 0.0 ------- 20.00v, accuracy: 1mV

Over discharge current 0.1 ------ 25.0, accuracy 10mA

Charging current 0.0 -------- 2.0A, accuracy 10mA

The internal resistance value is 0-2000 milliohm, and the accuracy is 1 milliohm

Identification resistance R1 0-999.9k accuracy is 0.1k

Identification resistance R2 0-999.9k accuracy is 0.1k

Short time 0-99ms accuracy is 0.1ms

Shenzhen tegda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is the pioneer of China's national test equipment. The company is located in the first national economic center city of special economic zone established by China's reform and opening up, one of China's four first tier cities, known as Shenzhen, China's window!

Shenzhen taigeda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of IC scientific research instruments and testing equipment. With strong technical development strength and advanced instrument testing experience, the company has developed a series of special testing instruments and equipment such as battery, protection plate, flash, CPU production line, etc. Main products: battery tester, protection board tester, internal resistance tester, charge and discharge aging cabinet, spot welder.

Over ten years of development, the company has always adhered to the 12 word concept of "integrity, quality, innovation, team, efficiency and service". Absorb new ideas, strictly control the quality gate, follow-up all-round service, and insist on making high-quality products. In line with the tenet of "customer-oriented, excellence, full participation and continuous improvement". Now we have a group of capable managers and a high-quality professional and technical team, comfortable and elegant office environment and 3600 square meters of new modern standard factory floor area. Always adhere to the management principle of people-oriented and honest business, gather the elites of the industry, and combine the advanced foreign information technology, management methods and enterprise experience with the specific reality of domestic enterprises. To provide enterprises with all-round solutions, help enterprises improve management level and production capacity, so that enterprises can always maintain competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and achieve stable and rapid development of enterprises.

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